The Trip

The most interesting trip I have had in months was from April 4th -5th. Why you ask? My class and I presented our oral history project on Hurricane Sandy at the National Archive in Collage Park,MD. It was an incredible experience because we were six complete strangers that banded together on our very first oral history project.

I admit on the first day of the conferences, I was a little intimidated. The other oral history projects that presented themselves seemed so organized and almost aggressive. It was almost as if they have all done this before, and we were the rookies. As I paid more attention to all the presenters they were more nervous than I thought.

So after the very first day of the conferences (the 4th), my classmates, my professor, and I were invited to a country club with finger food, beer, and wine and then we had dinner at the restaurant next door at the expense of Kean University. We were also joined by my beautiful fiancé, who lives in DC.

Our presentation was on the 5th around the mid-afternoon, which was not the highest point of tension. That was the night before when Dr. Perkiss basically went through a Denzel Washington-like transition. She was the Remember the Titans Denzel who was stern but caring throughout the whole semester, but when she realized how ill-prepared we were as a group she let us have it like Training Day Denzel. After practicing my part all night at Amanda’s apartment and Dr. Perkiss’ inspirational pep talk before we went to bed was the prelude to our successful presentation. This was a great trip and I hope everybody involved had a great time too.

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